• Jason Tremewen


    Jason Tremewen
    Metal artist focusing on abstract cutting-edge metal wall art, abstract wall sculpture layout, brushed metal bar and counter coverages, large metal wall clock time piece’s.
    My success and achievement’s is through our professionalism that I offer with precise craftsmanship on all metal wall art with the greatest of element to create these art piece’s.
    My modern metal wall art will create the WOW FACTOR in any room adding a touch of style and class.

    • Artist Statement
      • My assignment as an artist is to provide the best first-class piece’s for collector’s and artwork enthusiast’s with my expert service and competencies to create the artwork that I provide.
        I am committed to delivering the highest first-rate metal art to my customers with tremendous care with my professional technique as a metal artist.
  • outrack australia  painting jason tremewen JASON TREMEWEN
    Outrack Australia
    Painting / 250 x 120 cm
  • red infusion  painting jason tremewen JASON TREMEWEN
    Red Infusion
    Painting / 250 x 120 cm
  • electric current painting jason tremewen JASON TREMEWEN
    Electric Current
    Painting / 250 x 1220 cm
  • zafar metal wall sculpture jason tremewen JASON TREMEWEN
    Metal Wall Sculpture / 140 x 70 cm
  • infusion metal wall art  metal wall art  jason tremewen JASON TREMEWEN
    Infusion Metal Wall Art
    Metal Wall Art / 250 x 120 cm