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    New South Wales

    Home Asmodelle
    I am the daughter of an artist and started painting even before I could walk. However, ever since the late 1980s I have been painting serious abstract pieces. I have more than one medium of expression, although the most consistent art form I’ve used has always been painting 2D works. I am also a student of physics. I say student as I have never worked in the field by having studied towards several degrees, most recently a PhD in quantum physics. I have worked in various creative areas over the years, as a filmmaker and designer, while maintaining my art at all times. The last 5 years I’ve been painting full time and study part-time.
    • Artist Statement
      • My work is contemporary, eclectic and generally takes the form of neo-abstract expressionism. I am often two minded about most subjects and will reflect on an artistic viewpoint and contemplate an idea, concept or feeling for a period before touching the canvas. The last couple of decades I became devoted to working on large canvas pieces that draw in the observer, rather than being viewed from outside. I like to think of my abstract works as reflective to an observer’s ideas and emotions. My signature is basically artworks that are brightly coloured and offers an optimistic view of the subject. Sometimes the inspiration to paint comes from hypnagogic states (The hypnagogic experience occurs between being awake and asleep) and take non-conventional forms that are designed to challenge artistic symbols and archetypes. At other times, I get inspiration from my studies and improvise the vision while painting, allowing the work and my vision to mould into its own form, it is this symbiosis that releases the work that is dormant in the canvas waiting to be revealed. Additionally, I like to paint in one action or gesture, I never touch-up or repaint a work, when its action or gesture is explored the work is complete.
    • Biography
        QUEER ART - Melbourne & Sydney
        MUTED - Artfinder
        LACDA - Digitial reproductions
        HOME - Global Gallery Sydney
        RAGTIME - Redfern Artists’ Collective
        UNESCO FRIENDSHIP - Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

        NEW LOOK - Tokyo Station Gallery
        HYPNAGOGIA - Gig Gallery, Glebe
        ABSTRACTIONISM - Artemis of Aberdeen

  • sea of abandonment painting home asmodelle HOME ASMODELLE
    Sea Of Abandonment
    Painting / 215 x 110 cm
  • wave of emotion painting home asmodelle HOME ASMODELLE
    Wave Of Emotion
    Painting / 142 x 182 cm