• Antony Nobilo

    New South Wales

    Antony Nobilo
    I am a photographer having been working both as an artist and commercial photographer for fashion an magazine brands for 17 years.
    I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in 2001 before relocating to Sydney for 4 years, London for 11 years and Amsterdam for 1 year.
    As of July 2019 I have been living back in Sydney for 2 years.
    • Artist Statement
      • The pop art vintage camera series has evolved since 2010 - when as a documentation project I began photographing my personal camera collection of 250 film cameras for insurance purposes.
        It was on review of the images I created undertaking this process that I quickly realised the photographs were timeless - and must be printed and shared with the general public.
        After a modest exhibition in a cafe in Soho, London sold out it became clear that the prints appealed to an audience that was not gender, age or race specific.
        Since 2010 I have aimed to share these images in a documentation format to spread enjoyment and remind the public how these cameras have played such as important role in our lives for over a century.
    • Biography
      • Most recently the NZ Art Show in May 2019.
        5 works were offered and 5 works sold prices at $2500 each.
  • nikon s3m photograph antony nobilo ANTONY NOBILO
    Nikon S3M
    Photograph / 114 x 73 cm
  • minolta hi-matic e  photograph antony nobilo ANTONY NOBILO
    Minolta Hi-Matic E
    Photograph / 114 x 76 cm
  • leica m6 rangefinder  photograph antony nobilo ANTONY NOBILO
    Leica M6 Rangefinder
    Photograph / 114 x 76 cm