Dainis Zakis

Dainis Zakis

South Australia | 3 artworks for sale

I retired as an accountant in 2015. To occupy my time I was encouraged to go back to university. By 2020 I had 2 degrees a Bachelor of Contemporary... Read more
  • lone walker no 4 painting dainis zakis
    Lone Walker No 4
    Painting / 102 x 102 cm
  • lone walker no 3 painting dainis zakis
    Lone Walker No 3
    Painting / 102 x 102 cm
  • lone walker no 2 painting dainis zakis
    Lone Walker No 2
    Painting / 102 x 102 cm
I retired as an accountant in 2015. To occupy my time I was encouraged to go back to university. By 2020 I had 2 degrees a Bachelor of Contemporary Art and a Bachelor of Art and Design (Hons). To my surprise I was one of the top students gaining a Chancellor's letter of Commendation. Also 2 of my works were selected for the Helpmann's Graduates Exhibition in 2020 and I collected one of the major awards.

For me the transition from accounting to art was not as strange as it might seem. I went from creating outcomes using words and numbers to now using paint and canvas. Many of the skills I developed writing programs to create business models I now use to create art. While at university I noticed my approach to art differed from other students. They were trying to be flamboyant, spontaneous and excessively creative. My approach was controlled and analytical but always exploring the potentials of new technology. The end result being my work was considered innovative and marked accordingly.

To date I am satisfied with what I have achieved in "my sea change" from accounting to art but given that my work appears to resonate with people I am now exploring the opportunities to increase my exposure.

Dainis Zakis Born 1950, Adelaide, Australia Contact Email:- [email protected] Mobile:- 0408161027 Instagram:- #dainiszakis Education Bachelor of Art and Design (Hons), University of South Australia, 2020 Bachelor of Contemporary Art, University of South Australia, 2019 Completed 6 diploma modules, Centre for Creative Photography, 2015 Graduate Diploma of Accountancy, University of South Australia, 1979 Bachelor of Arts (Accounting), University of South Australia, 1977 Professional Membership NAVA, National Association for the Visual Arts CPA Solo Exhibitions 2021 Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Galleries, Hampstead St Aust 2013 Rockbare Cellars, Hahndorf, Sth Aust Group Exhibitions 2021 Adelaide City Council SALA Exhibition, ACC Virtual Library, Adelaide Sth Aust 2020 Communities Galleries Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide Sth Aust Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide Sth Aust 2019 Contemporary Art Graduates Exhibition Unisa, Adelaide Sth Aust 2014 SAHMRI, Adelaide, Sth Aust 2012 Adelaide City Council Snap Your City Exhibition, Adelaide, Sth Aust APSCON, Queanbeyan, NSW Private Collections Since Mar 2020 12 works sold to private collections. 2 commissions completed. Competitions 2018 Finalist Images of Research: Photography Competition, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Sth Aust 2012 Finalist (2 entries), Snap Your City Competition, Adelaide City Council, Adelaide, Sth Aust Awards 2020 The Nunn Dimos Foundation Award, Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide Sth Aust 2018 Chancellor’s Letters of Commendation, Unisa, Adelaide Sth Aust 2017 University Merit Awards, Unisa, Adelaide Sth Aust 2016 University Merit Awards, Unisa, Adelaide Sth Aust

Which new trends or Australian artists do you find inspiring at the moment? Technology in art. I have adopted the computer as my creative partner with all my work beginning its life digitally. To see how the ever-changing technology has allowed artists to push the boundaries inspires one embrace the digital as means to make art while never forgetting the traditional.

Which Australian deceased artist do you most admire and why? Jeffrey Smart. I admired his use of colour, geometry and composition to give urban and industrial subjects a surreal and intriguing makeover. On seeing his work in 2012 at his Retrospective exhibition you only then can comprehend the level of detail in the painting and what a talent he was.

Which exhibition that you have visited made the greatest impact on you and why? The Field Revisited 2018 NGV. The exhibition celebrated the 50th anniversary of the NGV when the Field was its first exhibition. Revisited exhibited many of the original works with others being remade. The original exhibition was defined as defining the direction of contemporary art in Australia. To see a large body where hardedge art was dominate has influenced me in the way I make art. It was of great interest to discover that it was the development of acrylic house paint that was a major contributor to the change in contemporary art. Artists could now paint razor sharp edges that oil could not accommodate.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work? My inspiration comes from observation. An idea can be triggered by a spoken word, something on television, images on the internet, a shape or a colour. You never know when it will happen or the source.

Do you have any rituals or habits involving your art-making that you can tell us about? With the computer being my creative partner, it has become my domain for making work. By its nature the computer dictates distinct phases in making art. The conception and the production. Once an idea is conceived a draft is created digitally. Then it is produced in an appropriate medium. My work moves freely between the digital and analogue. This pragmatic approach is used in all my work.

What do you like most about being an artist? The making of art is a solitary practice that I enjoy. It allows you to escape and produce something from the mind. However, the most pleasing thing about being an artist is that once the product of your escapism is complete it is there for others to experience and hopefully appreciate.

How do you handle bad days when you experience artist's block? Troll the internet looking at the work of other artists. Sooner or later, you’ll get inspired.

What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date? The transition from being an accountant to an artist.

Do you feel that you want to make a difference to the world or in people's lives? If yes, how? Today we are exposed to a plethora of visual stimuli whether it be on a mobile device, printed matter, television or billboards. We are constantly being told how to live and think. Influencers are now the major communicators whether they are a professional, friend, activist, commentator, politician or just a “know it all”. Are our dopamine systems being overloaded with this constant stimulation? I want to produce art to have no other purpose than to be visually consumed. To be considered an oasis, isolated from the real world, where the only thing that exists is the image and your thoughts. Allowing the viewer to linger in this space before returning to reality.

What are your plans for the coming year? To continue making art and go with the flow.